7 Signs you're in a great relationship

Being in love is one of the best feelings in the world which keeps the world running. Entering a
relationship filled with love is pretty special, but once the amorousness disappears, couples can
experience some difficulties. Having a quality relationship is not something you can achieve
overnight; you have to work on it every day. So, if you want to maintain a good relationship, you
have to know what the signs of one are. Due to that, I want to share with you signs that say you
are in a great relationship.
1.   You don’t want to change anything
When you are thinking about your relationship, you just love it. You don’t mind anything about it
and you don’t want to change one single thing in your relationship. Most unhappy couples hide
the fact that they aren’t satisfied with their partner. Now, that doesn’t mean you or your partner
are perfect. That means that you both have accepted each other with all your flaws and virtues.
Accepting each other is the right way to achieve the best relationship of your life.

2.   You can say what you mean
It doesn’t matter whether you are talking about something irrelevant or having a disagreement,
having the opportunity to speak your mind is very important. So what if you are fighting once in a
while? Every healthy relationship will encounter a disagreement because that means you can be
opened to each other. If you aren’t fighting or at least discussing that means that you don’t care
or you are afraid to speak your mind. Both things are equally bad for your relationship.

3.   You are a team
Every minute of the day your partner knows where you are and you know about him. When you
have something to decide, you are deciding it together. There is no room for secrets in healthy
relationships. When you are a couple you have to understand that you are a team and that means
you have to act accordingly.

4.   You have your own space
When you are with someone you love 24/7 that is the most amazing feeling in the world. But,
there is one better feeling and that is the moment you see your partner after few days. Allow
yourself to miss your partner once in a while. Hang out with your family and friends without him.
You had a life before him and you mustn’t forget your friends just because you are in a
relationship. That way you will grow; as a part of a couple and as an individual.

5.   You trust each other
Jealousy and mistrust are the worst enemies of every relationship and they both start with
secrets. Having a secret-free relationship will leave no room for jealousy in your life. If you can
both trust each other unconditionally, you are one step closer to having a great relationship.

6.   You are best friends
Having a best friend in your partner is something few people can relate to. That means that you
seek for comfort, love, affection, and advice in your partner and you know he won’t say anything
just to hurt you. He will be full of understanding and he will not judge you. If you have a problem
in your life, the first person you want to talk to should be your partner. That is what friendships
and relationships are all about.

7.   You are intimate
Sex is a part of every healthy relationship, but intimacy means more than just physical attraction.
That means that you both show affection to each other every moment of the day, not just in the
bedroom. Sometimes it is something simple as a hug or a kiss on the cheek and sometimes it is a
romantic gesture - roses with the note saying “I love you”.

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Why it hurts to lose virginity

Once you learn more about the subject, you would get your answers about the loss of virginity answered!
The moment when a girl becomes a woman, defloration - meaning when she loses her virginity, has an important meaning for each and every woman. For men it is a mysterious process of which most of them know nothing or very little. But women know a lot and usually want to know even more.
First sexual intercourse is thought to be a moment when a girl transforms to a woman. This is one of defining moments in each woman’s life. And of course it is important for it to happen properly, to be a positive experience rather than a painful one.
For every girl it goes her own way. It is painful for some, and easy for others. Sometimes there is blood, sometimes there’s no. Usually it happens with a more experienced man, but most men are little help and support when it comes to defloration. So, it is important for a girl to be ready, to have enough knowledge about this event in her life, to experience it easily and happily.
Why it hurts to lose virginity
What age is best to lose virginity at?
There is a certain preferred period for it to happen, which is between 17 and 20 years. But it is not that strict, do not perceive it as a goal or call to action. It depends on a certain situation. If you are over 20 and still a virgin, do not consider yourself a loser or a spinster. It happens at your own unique moment.
There are some geographical, cultural, religious differences between women of the world, and those differences also influence the preferred time to have first sexual contact. Women from Asia, Africa, some countries of Western Europe, are known to mature earlier than others, so their preferred age range would differ.
Keep in mind that losing virginity is not just a physical act. It is a serious issue of responsibility, to yourself, your partner/husband, your family, your parents and future children. So please be wise when considering this step. Choose your partner depending on how serious your relationship is.
Why it hurts
Why is it dangerous for it to happen to early?
A woman of age under 17 years is still a girl. She is physically immature. And of course psychologically she is not yet ready to become a woman. Potentially, what is defloration? First of all, it is a chance for pregnancy, usually unwanted one. And a girl aged under 17 is most likely not ready to become a mother. This brings us to a possible abortion, which is a really bad thing to happen to you at 17 years old. It affects all your following life, physically and mentally.
It is really important for mothers to talk to their daughters about their roles of a woman and all the serious issues it involves. Mother is a best friend to any girl. So she should pass this essential knowledge, preparing her daughter to everything that is to happen someday.
As to painful feelings at the moment of defloration, they usually indicate that a girl isn’t properly prepared for sexual intercourse. And this involves several aspects, and knowledge is one of them. Knowing what is going to happen and how to ease this moment is a guarantee of a pleasant experience.
First intercourse, involving defloration, should happen in an atmosphere of total trust, love and understanding. When there is lack of understanding between partners, when they are still shy, in a hurry, do not have mental contact between them – this process can be awkward, painful, stressful and leave an inerasable mark in each partner’s memory.  There is one easy idea to remember - first souls unite, then bodies.
In physical aspect, a man should be very caring and careful, attentive to his woman and he must understand that he can hurt her. If this happens, vaginal muscle will cramp, making it impossible to pleasantly continue the intercourse. 
It is essential to spend enough time sexually stimulating the woman before starting coitus, by a long pre-game with caress, kisses etc. This guarantees vaginal secretion, necessary to provide comfortable intercourse. If secretion is very little or none, this means the woman is not yet ready. Forcing coitus at this moment can be really painful, or even dangerous.
hurts to lose virginity
Why is there blood?
Process of defloration is, simply saying, a process of damaging a special membrane in woman’s vagina, accompanied with some bleeding.
In past centuries it was very important for a husband to see blood on the sheets after first night with his young wife. Blood stains were the evidence of woman’s virginity and innocence. If there was no blood, a big scandal could happen, involving woman herself and also her parents for not being good enough to keep their daughter innocent.
But at those times people did not know that a certain percent of women does not have virginal membrane, or it is too little and thin to produce any blood.
Nowadays it is possible to define presence and state of virginal membrane during gynecological examination. Be sure to inform the doctor about girl’s virginity.
 hurts to lose
Are there any ways to damage the membrane without sexual contact?
There is a possibility to lose physical virginity without any sexual intercourse. Some types of injuries and traumas can destroy vaginal membrane. So, if there was an accident where the woman was injured in that certain area, she can lose virginity.
Also some girls are curious enough to start examining their body and accidentally damage the membrane with hands or some objects.
Neglectful medical examination can also be a reason of virginal membrane damage.
It is the task of a mother to be attentive to her daughter’s behavior and knowledge to ensure preservation of virginity.

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Things Men Wish Women Knew About Sex

Learn what he really wants in the bedroom and why, with these genius sex tips and advice.

Freud called female sexuality "the dark continent"; if that's true, male sexuality could qualify as the dark planet. But when it comes to sex, guys are simple, right? Not true. The bedroom is one of the great stages of male performance, and as such, what you see and hear is typically the role, not the reality. It's no wonder, in trying to please the actor, a woman loses sight of a guy's true identity. Here are 10 "unmasking" facts you may want to know:

Genius Ways to Increase IQ to 180+

Boost IQ to 180
Boost your IQ score to I80 isn't hype at all. High IQ is becoming less fictional and we can actually leverage the powers of these brain game(s).

Below, you will find some fast tips that can enable you to build your IQ. These tips depend on a few logical reviews and have turned out to be efective in boosting intelligence.

1. Music:
For no less than 10 minutes, tune in to Mozart's Sonata for two pianos in D major. This will enhance your spatial intelligence. Nonetheless, this will just help in the event that you as of now love traditional music.

2. Sports:
Playing sports builds the oxygen level of your blood, making both your muscles and your brains more dynamic. Particularly of you are somewhat more seasoned, sport can build your response speed and your IQ.

Never tested your IQ? Use our free IQ test now.

3. Pressure:
Try not to pressure yourself. Examine has demonstrated individuals perform more terrible in the event that they are informed that they will take an IQ test as opposed to being advised they will settle a few riddles.

4. Drink (with measure!)
A mixed drink will briefly enhance your verbal intelligence. An excessive number of beverages will rather bring down your verbal capacities: you will begin to slur. The more espresso or tea you drink, the better your spatial understanding.

5. Play:
A diversion with pieces, riddles or blocks will enhance your spatial understanding, cross words will enhance your verbal intelligence.

Essential tips for taking an IQ test
There are tips to consider before taking an IQ test. After reading these tips, you might want to take an IQ test free with instant results.

1. Read the directions precisely
Read altogether to know precisely what the reason for the test is. Consider the example questions important and don't feel surged amid this stage. Begin the genuine test just when you feel you completely comprehend what is anticipated from you.

2. Figure your time
Compute your time. An IQ test is about giving however much right answers as could be expected. Discover what number of inquiries there are and partition the number by the measure of minutes given to finish the test.

This'll give you a harsh sign of what number of time you ought to spend on a question. Try not to be demoralized in the event that you don't complete all inquiries, as this regularly isn't important.

3. Skip hard inquiries
One question may take you a few moments to fathom, while others take just about a moment. Focus on and consider a question, however don't take to much time questioning the appropriate response.

In the event that following a moment you don't know of the correct answer, skirt the question. In the event that the test doesn't enable you to skirt a question: figure.

4. Try not to figure recklessly
Don't figure heedlessly. Just figure an answer if necessary with an eye on advance. In case you see there's just a couple addresses left, set aside the opportunity to answer them.

A few tests deduct focuses for wrong answers. If you have a high rate of defective answers, the clinician may believe you're a messy or diverted mastermind.

5. Go over your answers toward the end Go over your answers toward the end. In the event that you have at whatever time left, go over your answers again – regardless of the possibility that you think you've addressed all inquiries effectively.

Have any question or looking for a tool that allows you to test your IQ at no cost? click here.

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qualities a wife MUST possess to succeed in marriage

Being a good wife is not just about your love for your husband, it takes a lot of working and tweaking to keep your man happy and your home together. The role of a wife (like that of her husband) is a dynamic one that is ever evolving like the job of a coach to his team. You need to stay on top of the situation, and be ready to tweak tactics as often as it becomes necessary. Remember, you are an able support to your husband. Being a good wife is about the possession of certain qualities and traits that will not only make you strong but also flexible to handle diverse issues as they arise. Here are ten of the most important qualities of a good wife.

Find below, the 10 most important qualities of a good wife every woman must possess to have a happy home.

A good wife is a BUILDER.

A woman is expected to possess the ability to put the direction and guidance she gets from God and her husband (who is the head of the home) in building the home to be a peaceful loving place every member of the family is glad to come to, and not a war zone that the husband stays away from or kids do not want to return to after school.
There’s no quicker way to build resentment in your husband than to criticize him – especially in front of others. On the flip side – try genuinely complementing your husband in front of other people. Your husband will glow with admiration toward you and you’ll feel his appreciation as love.The woman is also expected to join her husband (although the role is prominently played by her) in building the children properly with good morals. By so doing, they are building the community to be one peaceful happy place. It’s such an amazing role to play as a woman.